upcoming Exhibition: 20.03.2021 to 24.04.2021, Gallery Monika Wertheimer, Basel

BOOK EINKAUFSWAGEN (English: Shopping Carts)


17 × 24 cm

96 pages

56 colour illustrations


Languages: German, English

Design: Georg Jaenisch

Texts: Tina Wessel, Jonathan Progin


Published by Kerber. Signed copies can be ordered here. Just get in touch with me via contact form (Price: 28.- EUR, free shipping).



Shopping Carts: They stand neatly in a row in front of supermarkets, always prepared to be of service to transport goods for us. Yet sometimes these practical aids to our consumption are yanked from their trusty environment and take on a new symbiotic relationship to unusual places: knocked over, upside down, hung on fences and propped against bushes, filled with curious things and alienated. It is not at all rare to encounter them as a duo-pack, deep in a couple-like dialogue and often blended into their surroundings.


For over three years the photographer Luca Ellena has been on the trail of such displaced shopping carts and their impact on Berlin’s image, and has recorded these sculptural objects in all their bizarre poses.


Text: Tina Wessel

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